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Avoid making an Emotional Decision because it can be a Misguided Reaction Instead of giving the Good Judgement

Avoid making an Emotional Decision because it can be a Misguided Reaction Instead of giving the Good Judgement

It happens to all of us that our heart beats twice as fast, not because our eyes see something excited but also can be frustrated for us on that moment.
When both our eyes see and ears that heard something, we may become emotionally frustrated that our blood flows quickly and face turns red, at that time, it is not easy for us to control the large tensity we have in ourselves.
To control our own emotion is the most important thing to do at that moment, because every unwise decision can be causing an adverse consequence for us.
Our feeling are important but when we are not in the conscious thought anymore then it is not advisable to make any life-changing decision because it will only give us the negative effect.
That moment when we are being too sentimental, our whole life may be jeopardized by an emotional decision which can immediately turn into an unimaginable tragedy with a serious damage of our lifetime.
Both our psychologically and freedom could experience a change that we have no other optimal option to find the peace again.
There may be some unpredictable confrontation take place that we only will see it in the movies and feeling scared about it.
So always try to recover quickly from an emotional shock and be thoughtful so we will gave a reasonable reaction in that situation.
Be sober and be reasonable during the conflict so we can have a good judgment without any getting any setback from our enemy, and the situation will not turn into a scuffle.
We always see disagreements and emotional setback in our life but it is sensible to walk away from this.
Continue our own life, don’t lose time and attention to those rioters who have no respect for each other.
So that when the same things can be avoided, we will find the happiness and respect for each other.
Never let our emotions to trump over the intelligence that we have in ourselves.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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