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Every Beginner can be an Expert.

Every Beginner can be an Expert

There are countless opportunities in the mind of every beginner.
We just need to have the feeling and paying our entire attention over certain area which is needed to become an expert.
When our mind is fresh and empty as a beginner, we are ready for anything.
Every expert were once only a beginner, so have confidence in ourselves and do not be afraid to start something new.
To become an expert, we no need to have a natural born talent, but we must be prepared to learn to be the master of that certain topic.
It is just a matter of time for us to know everything about it so we can possess the required knowledge to be an expert.
We can become the professional expert who know about that particular topic when we involved ourselves in the conversation which discuss about the similar subject.
Only the one who are expert in that particular topic can contribute their professional advice with appropriate response to the related queries.
The core idea is we should just concentrate on one particular topic/area and then learn all from it to be the best in that field.
Thus we can define ourselves as an expert with the experience we have, so when there is a demand, we will be always ready for it.
We can advertise our knowledge thus will generate a good daily income, and by that time, our learning circle and effort are being well paid off.
All the experiences that we gain with working will further expand our expertise to a master level which in the same time also increases the possibilities for us.
The person who is not willing to learn will never acquire the status of an expert.
We should not wait for the happiness, it is better to chase and accommodate it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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