On earth there are folks who simply never can be gratified,

On earth there are folks who simply never can be gratified

On earth there are folks who simply never can be gratified

On earth there are folks who simply never can be gratified


Be happy with what we already have and can hold in esteem, if that fails we will never be contented with all whatever we ever will own in life.
If we are not quickly satisfied and very demanding, we will facing a tough time where many disappointments will lead the upper hand and conduct with a displeasure behavior.
There will be a lot of discontent are what decisive over our personal attitude what will mean which brings not bode well for our dealings in the life community.
Positive thinking individuals will always see benefits in every common experience and learn from it what makes them elated, because they get smarter again by the experience.
Sometimes incomprehensible for the pessimistic person who had been hoped depressed in his thoughts on progress whereby it is impossible to be joyful with a poor outcome.
After which it is onerous to find or admire domesticity because they do not realize that the inner happiness comes through appreciation and satisfaction.
Glamourize with not understated words is their first step when something happens that does not go as they has expected.
But that is for sure an unwise idea if we figure out that it could have ended much worse with a runaway got out of hand fatal end.
Often are such pessimistic people disconsolate and insatiable and nothing can create or making them satisfied with a cheerfully mood.
Namely, it had always been better or they have an excuse that it was made on a higher level the previous time obtained and this is spoken with a positive voice.
Where they have learned or what school they are been sitting is for a positive thinking person a mystery, because good inferences are not there with them.
What are their future predictions when they are never bliss will discover or be content with what they have today and always his discouraged.
Life can bestow everything to them, but it will always be infrequently and what they can acquire is uninteresting and submissive, because they always want more.
Whether it is greedy or stupidity, that we will never find out in other words we are not curious about it, because our interest has a more valuable insight.
On earth there are folks who simply never can be gratified , be happy with what we have now today, may it will be change in the future, but that is not always to better.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru



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