Different Perspective of Life 2015

Different Perspective of Life


Many of us grow up in an environment with all amenities.
The things around us is very ordinary for us.
We are not used to it  but we have the advantage.
But we only realize that when we are confronted with it.
We can discover it in the media or through traveling and encounter with our own experience.
See how another grows up and their living conditions.
You can witness that they are just as happy or even happier than You.
They are satisfied with the things and habits where they live.
Have lots of fun even though they having less than us
When I”m at there, I can see from my own eyes that who have the more advantages or disadvantages.
I have found that when there are fewer facilities will bring much more joy together and a stronger bond with each other.
No envy and jealousy among them and they always love to help each other.
Together work for a better future.
Whereby my visions had given me a different perspective of life.
Because the smile from Your heart is more valuable than the illusion.
And that is just exactly the perspective of life.


I wish You a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen


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