We never realize the Worth of Water till the Well is Dry.

We never realize the Worth of Water till the Well is Dry.

We have learned well at school and get our degree successful, so we think we are already smart.
Proud with our degree and go to work for an income.
The harder we work, the higher volume we can reach.
By using our intelligent and a better approach we can expand our self.
Then we can earn  more money and our life will become easier.
Because we can buy something what we really want or like it.
It will increase our spending habits and thus our life standard becomes  higher .
If that pleases us and we let our self tempting to it , then it will be the new spending pattern in our life,
When we have some money and see something that is interesting for us, we will buy for it.
But that will only goes well if we can generate the revenues continuously
For a higher standard of living, You must also get a higher income.
Money we can only spend once and then we need to earn new money.
So if the revenue reduce and expenses remain the same then there will be a problem.
When You live above Your budget because You only want to show others then it is wrong.
Ones You spend out the saving money then You will know the value of money.
Then we realize what we are doing and that the opportunities in life are limited.
Always live below Your standard and keep Your savings for the bad times.
Do not look at others, because the grass in their garden is always greener than Yours.
Live Your own life according to Your own standard.
There is no diploma to give for the lesson of life.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen


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