It is Better Not to Look Back in the Past, the Wind, Water and Festival Parade are all Moving Forwards

It is Better Not to Look Back in the Past, the Wind, Water and Festival Parade are all Moving Forwards.

Many among us look to old grudges or going to make comparisons with the past, which no longer belongs to the present.
The moment of standing here and now life is what our future is going to determine a built reputation from the past may help us.
It’s no use crying over spilled milk, all that has happened in our younger years and what we then have lost or had been is now totally wasted energy if we use there our thoughts or make statements.
That time will never come back and the clock is ticking just ahead, so if we are wise we are adapting ourselves and work towards the future or we want to be a historian?
Maybe it used to be better or worse but that is no more important maybe it are excellent memories today or something has happened and never want to do more again about the past.
So we must give a positive consideration to and make it become merely promoted in the future with great and joyous moments in retrospect.
Nobody is complete, excellent or perfect, but we are all important for each other and especially for ourselves in a mirror image we should look at a proud person.
The person who only improvements for themselves and the world wants to make by being there constantly working with an enthusiastic character and willpower.
Think of a better future for motivation and create joyful moments where the individual self and others will benefit from having all for enhancing future prospects.
Let bygones be bygones, there are good and excellent experiences we’ve enjoyed and learn from the bad ones and a improving future awaits for us.
The past has already happened and stopped, looking back is over, let us go forward and think of a sophisticated perspective.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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