Who goes Back to the Past is Someone that Trying Fine Flour to Grind and Sawdust are Trying to Saw

Who goes Back to the Past is Someone that Trying Fine Flour to Grind and Sawdust are Trying to Saw.

We all love a carefree life and like to sit under the sunshine, with dark clouds the sun’srays will never get a chance to reach us.
So it is in our own lives as we constantly keep looking back or fall back on the dark side of our past, rest and relaxation will never be able to watch in life.
Continuously we will be confronting memories that have done us enough pain that we are every time very upset at the thought.
This gives us just miserable time, will the rest of this life haunt us with an influence that bring no pleasure or relaxing moments.
To rid ourselves of this we will have to forget all the lavish infected moments from the past to make way for a joyful interaction.
Are you absolutely aware that everything that has made the wrong impact on our emotional feelings is something that we should give up.
How hard it seems or is, thinking back it is just annoyance and frustration resulting in an optimum relaxed feeling is never possible.
It was perhaps shocking and inappropriate what happened to us happened at that time, but that’s just the life that we must accept that the actions of people and events are often inexplicable.
Too much dwelling on events where we passed nothing more can change because it already belongs to history its has been painfull and hurt ourselves.
Be mature and not naive be realistic and realize what has happened is part of life and sometimes there we ourselves are guilty to give them our confidence.
Trust is good control is better, but that is sometimes tedious or difficult of to do that it’s looks wrong, because so as the hotel lord is so he trust his familiar guests.
And we count and expect on honestly by love and friendship than come in any unlawful acts in which we would harm ourselves or others.
But the practice has proved different outcomes or given to us which we have become more cautious, but still be in a position to go back into the error.
Through a social life and trust in other people, we will always retain a victim role and we must always rely on that.
To increase opportunities and want to have a smoother life we ​​are almost obliged to take risks, so that we also learn the mindset of different individuals.
Here we win some and we lose something and experience are priceless, with a positive insight and thoughts we make it and will always survived.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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