Satisfy Everyone Demand Sometimes more of Ourselves than Assign Boundaries

Satisfy Everyone Demand Sometimes more of Ourselves than Assign Boundaries.

To be a cook for everyone eats needs is impossible with so many different cultures and cuisine dishes.
In a restaurant is the menu and beyond, is it possible to make more by the food preparer who cooks, but that request is a special request and maybe is not possible.To satisfy everyone’s wishes is not possible, they can ask but that is no guarantee and we can not give answers to all questions.
Also, we often want to help but are tied to lack of time or responsibilities for other things or appointments with friends, so we have to say no with an internal sorry.
Some people can not understand because they simply are fixated on their own life and problems, because usually an explanation of why is not more feasible.
They are also not 24 hours available to others and have also a private life, because they think to be the number one and are the important ones.
Until they need attention or help themselves then they forget everything and that others have a private life, because they are again number 1 and the most important.
Sadly but true, we must then correct their odd and indicate that at some times there are be more important things in our life and we have to spend time on that.
An example is work, grocery shopping, taking children to or from school, appointments for a better future are all valuable things in life of people that have priorities.
From our hearts we might want to do everything at once and help but unfortunately that is not possible because we can not be at the same time on two places work and deliver our commitment.
That is why we must state borders, because satisfy everybody demands more of ourselves than we can afford.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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