Words Are not Enough to Repentance, but our Actions will Show it

Words Are not Enough to Repentance, but our Actions will Show it.

Things we can all do wrong and anyone who says that they can do everything perfect, the best we will perform is not to believe them and assume that they are braggarts.
If programmed machines make mistakes in operations then for sure unprogrammed humans with emotions and ignorant knowledge will getting done faults by all they do.
It is also not a problem if we make mistakes, because that is a humankind and when we harm our own then it is a personal debt.
But when we do it consciously or unconsciously, and there are others duped from it then can sometimes cause difficulties where we are responsible for.
Those with a character of nature will attract the mind itself, and few will be callous and indifferent to respond, but never say never.
The premise that the errors are created or originate is of great importance to the feelings of the applicator not of those involved, because they are certainly not happy.
The compassionate sense of the cause can for the largest part explain whether there indeed regret is, words of sorry and apologize often are not convincing enough.
To get a correct conclusion there is not so easy, because words are not powerful enough to be there, but the emotional involvement speaks volumes.
Those involved their behavior and inner feelings will wish to express themselves in any circumstance because they are frightened of their mistake and immediately show emotion by regret and an apology to show for want everything do what is possible to solve it.
Their emotional commitment of all will reveal how they feel by this event and give clarity to everyone that there is with no intent but its a serious mistake.
Vigilance in daily life will show us the actions of mistakes, and after shall the words of apology will contain sufficient meaning and value to us.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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