A Strong Person is one Who can Forgive Others for an Incident from the Past

A Strong Person is one Who can Forgive Others for an Incident from the Past.

Dealing with other people sometimes does not always go very smoothly because everyone is different with different ideas and goals, rarely is all the same as ourselves.
At the first meetings that can sometimes seem so at some times there is a possibility that it has been changed or improved.
The last meeting was perhaps not quite to our or another’s needs and certain events could ever change the relationship to malignant.
It even happens in the best families and in most cases are there solutions so why in a friendships the mindset from people is easier?
There are self friendship ties that are stronger than family ties so they can both be important for a shared future, there is still no doubt?
Thinking back over the past basically than every contact that we had been important and influential in our life when we are honest.
Some have taught us a lesson and others how important a friendship and the joy of togetherness has added to our lives.
Every person has made his contribution to us with the conclusion that we are now the person so as we look in the mirror, it all has shaped our thinking pattern and character.
Many things we would like to do again with the wisdom that we have now, but that is impossible, we have learned from the mistakes and hopefully made improvements.
Those who have not learned from it are no more in our life, because otherwise we had make compromises as friends to be closer together and to maintain the friendliness.
Maybe after many years they become and realize it, but that’s often too late because we have lost sight of each other or are too proud to make contact again with shame feelings In fact, we would have to put over it and trying to restore the past back, it is usually also started with pleasure and joy, so why not.
We are all inhabitants of this planet and also want a peaceful life, so it is wise to refund our mistakes and shortcomings in peace.
Events of the past happened and do not change anymore so forgiveness for ourselves and others is the only solution to take care of it, be so strong and work there on the way to inner peace.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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