Often Due to Problems where we Are in, can Coming up the Feeling of Being Brain Dead

Often Due to Problems where we Are in, can Coming up the Feeling of Being Brain Dead.

We all know or realize that there are people that can make and break us, love is a good example.
And one of the most dangerous emotional feelings to hurt ourselves, is if we become confused and no council know how to deal with it.
Grief and ignorance will leave us in a state that we only have hope and that certainty has no chance because too much has happened.
Recommendation and advice of others is too late, because we are so unstrung that we could not stay there to listen or want to adopt it.
We are at the stage that we think there is no one who can help us, because we know or believe that there is no room in the other person’s heart for us.
But our hearts walk with love and longing for that person and what we try or do they never appreciate it or pay any attention to us,
There is a feeling throughout our body where no words for can be found only need and desire are there to be with that person what seems impossible.
Every effort we make for that person to reach or get close try to be ignored or made impossible, the feelings are only from one side.
We do not want to believe in ourselves and try and deal with all the possibilities to convince the opposite and do not accept this or want to believe it
Our thoughts are with only one person that we love with all our heart and all do there to recover it, so there are other things that go totally wrong, because they have no priorities anymore or be forgotten.
In our hearts and minds is only one important thing going for all, but is unattainable, we are so fixated and impressed by that one individual that determined our life.
Completely stripped of adversity and disappointment are we in a situation where there is an opportunity might arise to get rid of and lose everything around us.
Due to some problems we find for ourselves which can feel so affected that we are brain dead and any other event is totally not more important even if we because of that can lose anything in our life by a unwise responding.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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