Love is Like a Flower by Maltreating there Comes an End but Take Good care of It will Bloom Open

Love is Like a Flower by Maltreating there Comes an End but Take Good care of It will Bloom Open.

Love is a big encouragement and stimulus in our lives, without devotion life has little meaning, and we would only continue for to survive.
Our desire and yearning for love should be replaced by something else, but with what sleeping, working and eating?
We can loving our work and everything, but it will never be comparable as the holding of an individual.
The feelings of homesickness, sense of feeling is just a desire and there can really match nothing to this, it’s such a unique sense of feeling and sensibility that it can make us completely upset.
Nostalgic desire and needs that we can think many hours of it and crave when we miss something or someone.
In our minds, we already start with imaginings about things that are still not happen and a possible encounter with an arsenal of imaginations and approach.
Fantasizing about events what stll not happened, such things make it more exciting and increases the excitement and consternation, while it all end maybe one hundred percent different.
Our excitement and imagination can get us so far that we already fully experience it in our whim but that is a delusion.
Still, we can give ourselves an overwhelming sensation which totally passionate, spirited, warm-blooded and erotic irritable by his.
In our delusion and illusion we have already prepared the whole and made ourselves an idea how we will start and may develop it further by feelings.
Because we know that love is like a flower, and with proper care totally open blooms that’s what we want but at the same time know that there in love silly mistakes can be made so that an end can come to our beautiful dream.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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