We are with Many Different Cultures in this World and Almost all Have the Same Wishes

We are with Many Different Cultures in this World and Almost all Have the Same Wishes.

It is sometimes unbelievable how many different races there are on this earth with a different mindset and nurture.
When we walk on the street or look in the media we see how many different skin colors, but in our minds we would not think about it.
But research forward at http://www.google.com, we are just surprised and can not believe so many there are.
This is quite interesting to know that there are more than two hundred other populations are, and that everyone speaks a different language.
That will say that when each one his own utterances use, we cannot understand each other and a communication is impossible.
Quite strange to get a certain impression here about it what seems unfeasible and impossible but it is true.
Fortunately, everyone has his heart in the same place in his body and the desires are almost all the same.
The first is to stay healthy, then second a peaceful life, happiness and a life without too many difficulties and concerns.
Or is wealth, opulence and power on the first and foremost?
Some hope for and expect everything and others will see what happens on their life path, as long as it goes in harmony.
In peace, are all these global needs better distributed and all cultures in harmony with each other to find solutions that will provide satisfied and happiness for the whole population.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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