Longing is Like Appetite, but Full is the Maximum

Longing is Like Appetite, but Full is the Maximum.

We can have everything and possess what our heart desired, but there will always more desires on our wishlist.
Longing and love are always together, because if we desire for something this is because we love it or through our feelings and attractive power.
After which it is difficult to remove from our mind and we sometimes continue to keep thinking even when it is actually impossible for us.
A desire for something can be a motivation and want to realize it ourselves and thereby provide a complete physical and mental effort for.
Our passionate desire can give us this power, because we so badly want and are constantly working at our whim.
It is a desire to become ourselves that we can even dream as big is the need to it at that time.
An illusion waiting for confirmation that it happened, but there is no guarantee that we ever will have this happiness that it will also take place.
This can actually be a very exciting time for us where we are full of longing but no confirmation or assurance that our luck will prevail.
Some have called the windfall and enjoy the opportunity that their desire become reality and feel satisfied.
While others are fighting a lifetime to get it done without any result and their heart it overflows with the desire.
Also, there are people that are so successful that almost all their desires are met and still want more because they never saturates or satisfactory with that happiness.
Sometimes the eyes are bigger than the stomach and when belly is full that is the maximum, but in some case the desire to more is such important that they can continue eating until they make themselves ill.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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