If every Person on Earth who can Afford to Contribute on Poverty it Will not be There any More

If every Person on Earth who can Afford to Contribute on Poverty it Will not be There any More.

There is more poverty than wealth on this planet, but if the billionaires who hardly know what to do with there money, should make a contribution to the deprivation and others donating what they can, it could solve the problem about poverty.
With the pursuit of equal rights and laws in the world anyway is this also a good point to work on for no more poverty in our world.
Let us realize how lucky we are if born into a family and country where all facilities are already in place to give us an education well satisfied with a carefree way of life if we ourselves want to do effort.
Some are born where the parents have almost no chance to make a difference in this world, how will their future look?
If we would do something but it is already insufficient in our mind, but we have the capabilities to make it, only not the possibilities that will give us depressing feelings and pain.
Every year there are more millionaires and still there is poverty in this global.
There are certain countries and want to be the world leader, and they start wars for landand money, because one country leader has made a mistake for this the population or them self needs to pay with their life in belligerent country, is that wise?
Let them invest that money to fight poverty and lets create peace, because so people have more opportunities for a better future, all wars linings improves what in the past.
And of course there will money disappear through corruption and misconduct, but give a declaration of war by the abuse of power is still no solution for our world and it’s also not free defense spending, many innocent people are the victims of it, and its also unsafe with many risks.
Let us all be better at solving the poverty work and those who can afford to contribute themselves to mankind for a peaceful action and after that many people will feel them better.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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