We must Educate Ourselves to have a Good Character Characteristic

We must Educate Ourselves to have a Good Character Characteristic.

Good behavior starts with ourselves, how we approach to the social community and with what statements, questions or answers, we come forward to.
How to talk with others and ourselves and which vocabulary, a decent or extremely rude words choice, which will determine the conversation mood.
Often we ourselves know what are our bad habits, but we have been doing this for years and has become a part of ourselves so a change is difficult.
Everyone has good and bad qualities, its in what circumstances determine what will be shown to us in a good or plight.
Dealing with our emotions is one of the most difficult accreditation as we are affected in the sense disease control zone can be problematic.
We need to learn to stay calm while we are about to explode, which seems almost impossible but that is the only way to avoid making it worse.
Calm with a cool and humble tone will work wonders with our nervous system in a communication if there is irritation, which will take time to train but it is worth.
Jump off the tape and let our feelings out of control emotions a communication prevail will not bring much good and solutions will not come quickly with it.
We will therefore come in a rather difficult situation with ourselves and others than can be said in retrospect this was a nice conversation.
The key is how others interpret and express themselves in front of us is not as important, but how we ourselves our own preparation and expression in society is what counts.
Give others the opportunity to judge us on our character characteristic, what we have acquired through our education from our parents and adjustments ourselves.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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