Miscommunication Creates Disagreements, it is Up to Both Sides to Find a Solution

Miscommunication Creates Disagreements, it is Up to Both Sides to Find a Solution.

Bewilderment is a shock in a relationship and often don’t even have to be so mean but our ears hear what’s become absorbed by our minds and transforms it into our brains.
Our brains respond with increased blood flow because we think we hear or see something we don’t like and that brings the confusion.
It’s sometimes a misconception by negative thoughts which we express ourselves in a wrong way by an increase temperament with hypertension.
At such a time we push ourselves too much into it, it is totally not good for our nerves and heart, so it’s better to be right to ask for an explanation if we don’t understand it.
Then it can be resolved immediately what is better for both, but sometimes we are too shy or our character is not strong enough on that moment by the misconception and emotion.
Whether we are reluctant to make it more worse, but it’s the best to go directly to them for an explanation and so resolve it resembles a clarification.
It’s too bad as a wrong view that the idea change to negative in relationship while the relation doesn’t deserve to be continued like this or will terminate.
A good formulation will just put everything back straight and both put the mind back in neutral so everything is positive again only by good communicating.
Any fair and reasonable person knows that often the tongue speaks faster than the heartand any mutual problem can be talked with audible intelligible words.
Together we are able to move mountains so will create a miscommunication for us no disagreements, but just give us the strength to find a quick solution together.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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