Everything to Do with our Life must Be in Balance

Everything to Do with our Life must Be in Balance.

A strong character with an even stronger willpower we need to maintain our presence in this society where most people are looking for prestige.
Renown where others look up to, that’s what they want, popularity for better feel and hope when others see or discover will believe it, cost what it costs.
Loss of vision in front of one person that they use is no problem, therefore other three or more coming in there place so to regain a good deal they think.
Forget about that life lasts longer than the time they spend it with to keep the other as a fool and so get out from there a selfish benefit and become a profit for the better.
Do not realize that they should be happy and care of someone they meet that help their a step forwards, because it will not be everyday to seize such an opportunity.
They make the mistake of abuse to create a situation not directly to grow as a team but put themselves front on the first place for their opportunities.
Talk together therewith can be a better chance, because several heads have different thoughts and ideas aligned on the end best will score.
Decisions by thinking something can only be good, but is uncertain, and if we have theopportunity to consult with several more wisely in that agreement.
Even if everyone agrees that gives a better impression to everyone at the start and no one can make such complaints, because we were all agreed.
When using an energy investment should no irregular distributions of outcomes in a team but equal opportunities to spending together.
With strong words and an honest explanation so we know where we start or invest for joint progress.
Everything we do or make has to be in balance with our life with the wishes and expectations of others, otherwise we will lose confidence and it’s asking for trouble.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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