When Two Thinking the Same there may be Opening Up a New World for Them

When Two Thinking the Same there may be Opening Up a New World for Them.

Our Earth is so great that if we are even five hundred years we will not have passed the mileage.
And with so many people on this planet we want to dispone only one individual to further enjoy together the rest of our life.
So many people that it should be easy to choose one of them there, but we’re dealing with a mistake, it’s just extremely difficult.
Everyone has a unique appearance, personality and ego even more changeable than the weather can be, when there are certain feelings play a role in the partnership.
Outer or inner change can bring a partner all to other thoughts, variable characteristics or too much think of their own personality the same.We all want to be happy with that one Earthling, so we have almost all been looking for to leave them in that special place in our hearts take and so on can fill the void.
The whole of life is virtually based on trust and love with contracts we close together to experience this peacefully.
When the opinion is going to be a growing conviction something which stimulates the mind then anything can arise where feelings and thoughts in the same direction like to go. That does not mean that it will be something that will stay, but at that time it is quite clear for two hearts if it is lust or love.
Also possible that from there has begun a lifelong love affair that will only be ended by passing.
For a peace-minded together, it is very important to understand each other completely to unflappable resolve any disagreement or misunderstanding.
It’s just that when two people think the same, there a whole new world can open for them in peace.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards, author Jan Jansen

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