We Can Touch Someone without Touching Them

We Can Touch Someone without Touching Them.

What could be the reason why it’s like that most of the young people in the population are disrespectful and are becoming bolder with an ego that they are the most important.
No more respect for elderly people with language usage when we in the past used our parents to get slapped around our ears.
We have to look now these day’s in order not to let the communication go out of hand before we know, no more words are used to us.
Joyfully with others playing in the street like previous in our youth we hardly see, probably by the aggressive behavior that nowadays become increasingly used.
How will the world over twenty-five years respond on everything it’s all not pleasant to have become over the years for a peaceful and carefree existence.
Honesty and honor is almost not there anymore, and most want themselves prove to others with fighting and violence which ultimately is no achievement at all in our society.
Too a peaceful person delivering the wits by aggression and violence is an unnecessary action that is totally useless and diseased our surrounding.
Some are afraid to go outside the door, because they don’t want to come in trouble and then rather stay home and only do the necessary things for leave home.
It’s totally pointless using in a community physical or hand use in a communication where we don’t understand each other.
We can easily touch another his soul without touching it, not necessary to need violence, be kind to each other and live in peace.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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