Physical Training is for the Short-Term Strength, but Training for the Brain Bidding Eternal Knowledge

Physical Training is for the Short-Term Strength, but Training for the Brain Bidding Eternal Knowledge.

We are never too old to learn and actually we are wiser every day by our experiences and better views on life and can solve common problems.
When we are young we all want many things and some among us do not have much enthusiasm to learn outside school hours, because there are better things to do at the same time.
Later in life we ​​realize what we have done ourselves to short, because we have been so stubborn to give other things priority instead to improve our knowledge.
Now some people understand the importance of knowledge in a human life, for having about different things power and speak multiple languages ​​are advantages.
And so there are many things we never thought when were young, maybe our parents or others telling us well on that, but there were other things more important that we did not realize.
We can work or go to the gym and fitness center and build up a large muscle in our body, but if we stop exercising, we will also lose these muscles quickly.
Learning gained through study and science through assessment and skill are constructive elements that encourage people living with a permanent presence.
Intelligence allows us to understand things faster or resolve many issues so all make it a lot easier and more interesting.
Sometimes there is also the will but not the opportunity and the older we get more realize how learn inquisitive we were in our youth there from we have now the benefits. For the short-term strength, we can train our bodies with muscles, but for the eternal knowledge, it is better to develop our brains by training with non stop learning.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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