Sometimes we’re missing the Beautiful Moments of the Past

Sometimes we’re missing the Beautiful Moments of the Past.

Everyone has a past, whether it was good or bad, we are now improves to a better or inferior person. That happiness now whether its good or bad, antecedents we all have.
But now on this moment it’s the day of our life and now for everyone it will be determined whether the past continues to haunt us by the benign or malignant things we have done.
Also, events that others have done to us, or if they have done something great and this does continue to play a role in our mind.
Every life has a history and brought us to the person and personality with behavior that we now have at this moment.
Nobody is perfect, everyone make mistakes and we all are able to learn from them (as we can read this) so in the course of time a person may change his character with minus and plus points.
Each of us has the potential there to suit his personality to a perfect satisfaction.
We meet people in our existence on earth that will give lasting thoughts and other characters that we want to forget as quickly as possible to get rid of our discontent.
Also, regret that we encounter loving people we would never want to miss in our life, but which disappear by nature or unforeseen moments.
But we have to stay positive and go on with our life, because these are moments that we don’t control and every bad thought or action will make it even more worse.
So, it may also be that before it was better for us than now or vice versa and let our experience there have been a good lesson in life where respect and appreciation always counts and nothing is coming by itself and stay permanent.
The beautiful moments of the past will always affect us all, it has changed our life and we know that it will never come back.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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