We can not Determining the Beginning of our Life, but it is Still Possible to Braving the Pride of Life Till the End

We can not Determining the Beginning of our Life, but it is Still Possible to Braving the Pride of Life Till the End.

There is much happen in advance before we are born on this planet, two extraordinary people hold full enjoyment of each other and there is a insemination/fertilization about nine months before.
Nature also plays a large role over our born in the fact that all physical conditions must be there fully geared up to the fortune or misfortune to have that triumph.
Over time we come on this world out with a loud roar and tears of joy, maybe there’s pain, but at seeing us there is elation and joy.
The difficult task of our parent / parents has begun as loyal teacher to teach the doctrine oflife for our life path in a responsible way.
Our parent / parents always want the best for us so what is present in their ability and lifeexperience they will transfer it to us with their heart.
Everything parent / parents knowing they will devote it to us and then impose a certain age we ourselves will take over the responsibility for this and continue.
From that point we ourselves decide whether we continue what has occurred and we have learned or we adapt it to our own thoughts, desires and habits.
The full education responsabiliteit we creating to our own decisions and we ourselves with the code of conduct and manners that we respect.
By experiences of our behaviors to others, we can judge ourselves whether we have a good personality or there needs to be changes in our deportment.
Friendships are made and continued by mutual respect and a personal demeanour with outrageous behavior and mentality, the mindset of doing another realize that we have met the wrong and ill-mannered person without honor.
After a farewell will not last long, because no one is interested in a relationship where decent present and esteem are not appreciated.
No one can determine the initial phase of his life, but anyone can defy the pride and guidelines of life until the end.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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