It is a Timeless Jewel to Keep in Our Mind for Memorizing those Beautiful Moments in the Past

It is a Timeless Jewel to Keep in Our Mind for Memorizing those Beautiful Moments in the Past

The clock is ticking and time is running ahead faster than we want, every second counts and its consisting of good and bad times of joy and sorrow.
We do not always have to be serious, and sometimes we also not have to think with full understanding about everything, because that could disrupt our rhythm and affect the orientation of life.
It’s a great experience to be presented here on this earth where sometimes we get our imagination from one another by those eccentric events.
Joyful moments with a roar of laughter is something everyone wants to experience in fun, this is also the kind of moment all of us are looking for.
But life is not just full of divertissement and it has peaks and down valleys, so we must find the balance between them to be satisfied and happy forever.
Everyone must abide therein, and give themselves an approval so that everything can be fits in together, and based on the truth that there may not always be a party mood in ourlife.
Nevertheless, we can determine the mood ourselves by continuing to recognize all the positive and also to learn from the vicissitudes adventures of life.
So we can appreciate those loving moments and enjoyable moments, thus the distinction can easily be discovered by us.
The gravity and meaning of life can be found between the hard core and dynamic events, if we really can keep these feelings under control as respect.
Our greatest difficulty in life might be finding the balance in our memory in order to remember the best moments and forget the bad past.
Our past is gone and will never come back in time, but it is a timeless jewel as we’ve enjoyed all those beautiful and enjoyable moments, when we able to remember those times in our mind then we’ll further relish it in our life.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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