Even a Mediocrity Life can Train us to be an Excellent Person if we Always Think and Act the Good with Others

Even a Mediocrity Life can Train us to be an Excellent Person if we Always Think and Act the Good with Others

To be a parent is a big responsibility and not a simple task, so think carefully before we take this step in our life.
After all, we bring a new life on this earth and are committed to teach the basic elements of lifestructure through proper education to our child.
From the first day a child were born, it is the learning process for them, and we become their teacher,from there our child can further develop to adapt to the conditions in which they feel best for themselves.
Everything we teach them, will be consider as common in the later stage of their life, they also may apply it as their conventional activities.
Not everyone is gifted with these opportunity in life, so those who are not that fortunate, both the parents as children, had to adapt to their living conditions
That is not a pleasant thought, but it is the reality, everyone wish and demands the best possible for their child or parents, there is no doubt about it.
Fortunately, children will develop by age to the state in which themselves feel the best, but the basics upbringing will point them to the right direction.
Many think that fortune has everything to do with money, but they may forget that be blessed and satisfied with what we have now it is the richness of life.
Enjoy and cheer our life which is fortune with complacency, and acceptance a satisfied sense of lifeat the moment with a satisfactory heart.
The lushness of life is having family and friends around us who we love and give respect for each other.
Always helping each other with everything within their power to solve all kinds of difficulties we may face in our daily life.
The earth belongs to us all and we are those who can contribute to it together.
By respectful to others, treat others like ourselves want to be treated, kindness to one another are free which costs nothing, and it will give such a good feeling for everybody.
If we train ourselves to act respectfully and always think good for others, and strive this perseverance will accomplish to the mediocrity, we will in the course of time only stay with the excellent people around us, because they will stay with us forever.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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