When a Door No Longer Lead us to Somewhere, Close it, only then we Can Welcome New Doors Right in Front of Us

When a Door No Longer Lead us to Somewhere, Close it, only then we Can Welcome New Doors Right in Front of Us

Be grateful and satisfied in our life is a form of behavior that can give us many advantages, without both,  we often react with wrong thinking and response emotionally.
Helpfulness are the experiences that coming on our way to go through in our life, and everything we face can give us the physical or emotional joy, sorrow and pain.
But it is an experience that contributes to makes changes in our thinking and way of life, so there is always a multiple of intelligence takes place.
By experiencing through bitter one becomes wiser, is not always fun but reality, but subconsciously may deliberately point us to the right direction and raise the awareness of our life.
What happened to us might be insurmountable, no matter we ourselves have rightly or incorrectly addressed them, but it enable us to develop ourselves into the good sense and order.
Opinionated people will be aware of the same actions and direction but they choose to continue goes on, but a smart and intelligent person will realize that it is a lesson for them to learn from it.
There are certain things which have to do with nature and ourselves almost never be able to prevent it from happening, such accident is unpredictable and we totally not have any influence to alter it.
When encounter with such experience, we have to accept it at any given moment and the best possible mental and physical solution is to close the wrong door.
To leave the door ajar is not wise, because it will not give any new place or distance, and  if we let those bad memory constantly remain in our mind, then we might be suffering a permanent damaged from it.
No matter how difficult is the reality, we must always confront and accept the reality from it, so that we can create new opportunities with maintaining our focus.
It is usually a hard learning curve but will be effective for the improvement of our furtherlife.
We have to drop our emotion with strengthening our mind, so that we can keep everything under control by ourselves.
When we close the door that no longer lead to an improvement of our life, then we only can welcome the new doors in front of us and followed what is behind the door which can lead us to a new direction of life

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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