Never Drown our Own Inner Beauty just to Follow what Others have in Their Mind

Never Drown our Own Inner Beauty just to Follow what Others have in Their Mind.

Many things we do in our life are based on having faith in ourselves or others, and from there we follow instinctively what dictates our heart.
We have our own lifestyle and demeanor with spoken words which ourselves are satisfied with it and have a good feeling as the way we behave.
Other people, friends or relations may have a different course of action, but that’s theirlife and not ours, we can choose how to deal with them by making adjustments to ourselves or waving goodbye to them, everyone is free in this choice.
We can not choose on our family members, but for choosing friends and acquaintances, we all should have the power to decide about who does or does not suit us.
We all should just click instinctively, and it is important to understand each other well in harmony, so whenever there is a dispute between us, we can talk about it with a good mutual communication.
Sometimes we are extremely impressed with something and want to share with others, but not to everyone, just with those who we respect and trust.
We want to share our thoughts and find out what other think about it, because it is true from our hearts, so we are very impressed and proud to tell others about that.
Then we may hear some different view via the mindset of others while exchanging thoughts with them, it can be  happened because everybody view things differently based on their position.
That can either bring improvement or deterioration in our idea, but most important for us is to have hope with believing in our instinct and thoughts together.
If we believe in our thoughts, we should just keep our lifestyles and not let the thinking by others to affect our mind, because that will give us no joy.
Never follow the thought by others if we believe in ourselves, because that will probably drown our inner beauty.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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