Life is like a Yo-yo, No Matter how Far we Swing, we can Always Fall Back to the Initial starting Point

Life is like a Yo-yo, No Matter how Far we Swing, we can Always Fall Back to the Initial starting Point

There are times which start with the best and happiest moments in our life,  where we are likely to be under the good impression in the clouds of thrill.
We would like to stop the time to have that moment freeze so we never will lose that hour of happiness, but unfortunately that’s not because the clock continues ticking and life is also full with times of intervals.
No matter how well is our financial today, we might also face with the unexpected turnaround tomorrow, because nothing is certain in life.
To be steadfastness and  hold on to something good is the best for us, but life are changeable and sometimes the thoughts of everybody is not all equal, and usually a person adapted themselves to the circumstances.
Almost everyone thinks for joint or self-interest and that can cause problems in relapse by someone’s fall back, because “desperate needs lead to desperate deeds”
Stability is very important in our life, so we can have security to not be quickly getting out of balance and this also prevent us from putting ourselves into difficulties.
To take big risks can also bring us into disaster, so it’s good if we know our limits and not over it because that may give nasty consequences.
Overconfident and think that we have figured it out just because it goes so well that we think in our mind that there is nothing to a better improvement is possible, but we should not forget that an accident can sit in any small corner.
By the time we fall back to the initial starting point and we are finish to swing with our yo-yo because the cord is broken or shortened as much that we are off all possibilities in lifeand its impossible to continue with the same standard of living.
So from there we must dedicate a new starting point for ourselves with a more robust swinging cord for the yo-yo.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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