Do Everything with our Best Today, then We are in the Driving Seat to the Perfect Direction of Tomorrow

Do Everything with our Best Today, then We are in the Driving Seat to the Perfect Direction of Tomorrow

Everyone has their own limited capabilities, we all have to respect that, a person can not do more things which is already exceeding his best, because there is a physical or intelligence limit.
With a proficient hand and dexterity skills, someone with less knowledge about the matter can perform much better than somebody who knows all about it, but both are needed together for a good progress in the future.
If everything we do with a stake of 99%, then we do not need to worry, because all will be well organized and we just need to be willing to learn from our own mistakes.
Whenever there is a shortage of knowledge, we will still be able to find the possibility for a further development to enhance ourselves, there is no doubt about it.
The important thing is not to be over dependent on others, and if we take the full efforts to learn every knowledge that is required, then we can have every situation under control by our own hand to empower our influence.
Even then, we still need to keep a list of contacts database of people around us, so we can get their assistance whenever is necessary.
Unfortunately, we cannot know or be expert in everything one hundred percent, so sometimes we still need to depend on others, and it’s advisable and important to keep all the contacts,  so we know who can be contacted with when we required help on some particular things.
To be well prepared in life for the future seems not so important for many people, because they only live for today, and that is a sad true but shortsighted thinking.
The problems for tomorrow can be prevented by optimal deployment today, and be organized with the totality of our life, so we can pursuits for good layout.
With a future-oriented plan in our mind today, we can firmly hold the steering in driving seat without any worry, so tomorrow we can keeps on navigating to look for the best lookout point during the journey of our life.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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