Sometimes it is Better to be Embarrassed by Own Efforts rather than Regret for the Rest of our Life without Trying

Sometimes it is Better to be Embarrassed by Own Efforts rather than Regret for the Rest of our Life without Trying

Unfortunately we do not have the knowledge about everything, therefore we cannot have the good control over all things around us.
But we are never too old to learn, just that sometimes it’s not easy and we will make some mistakes in the beginning of the learning process.
Sometimes others may laugh at us by our trivial imperfection just because of we’re lacking the knowledge to be the expertise.
And therefore its easily to make mistake in the beginning by failings on this matter and this might induce feelings of shame and embarrassment to us.
But it will be very unwise decision for us if we do not want to continue on what we’re doing due to the feeling of embarassment,
By doing so, we will never be able to develop ourselves, because by learning something , we will realize about what future can be directed to us and this will help us to be better with intelligence in our life.
The more skills we possess then our future will be lots easier, when we’re running into trouble, there can be a solution quickly through our workmanship.
Mastery in as many platforms and disciplines possible will be a great advantage in our daily life, and it will constantly come in handy, no matter its during ordinary or the strangest moments.
We can never be wise enough on this planet where everything is based on intelligence and sagacity, but we can be having a good insight with our resourceful information and the comprehensive understanding on something, and our response can give others a respectable value.
Therefore it is better to not be ashamed or feel embarrass when we are trying to learn something, because when we give our full effort, then we will never regret nothing in the future.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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