Lift Up the Mind Instead of Raising our Voice, because Only Rains will Grow Flowers, Not Thunder

Lift Up the Mind Instead of Raising our Voice, because Only Rains will Grow Flowers, Not Thunder

Angry or give a big mouth when we feel threatened by the words of another is not a wise choice and it can only escalate problems out of hand.
If somebody increases their tempers to incite aggression, the whole full day will have a totally different picture than normal.
By emotional behavior we often go wrong and sometimes it is somewhat understandable when we’re right, but it is so important to be able to control ourselves for a forward-looking future.
Even that may give us an unpleasant feeling at first, but the situation will not improve, its just will deteriorates more, because the chance is that it will be getting from bad to worse situation due to an excessive emotional reactions to each other.
If we are able to relax and calm down, we can react to keep everything under good control, at least in any case this can be very decisive for ourselves to find a solution with pacifism.
Peaceful and fair dealing with our fellow man will have more advantages than only just friendship, it will also exudes inner peace from our state of mind, because when we are pure inside, we can openly replicate every statement by others.
It give us a pretty immanent sense when we are able to adjust our behavior, so we are free to act justly and be respected by almost everyone.
A raised in voice will do us no good intrinsically and this only will generates more emotions so the control will becomes unstable .
Also, people in the same place who hear this and do not know what the discussion is going on, will have a different impression on us, even if we are still within our right.
We do not want to live in thunder or storm, but a little rain with lots of sunshine to flourish the flowers will make everything positive, so we do not have to raise our voice in an argument.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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