The Rules of Nature is Water Flows Downstream, but People Should Try to Move only in Forward Direction

The Rules of Nature is Water Flows Downstream, but People Should Try to Move only in Forward Direction

In our mind there is only one aim and which is to move successfully into the forward direction with everything we do as our starting point, even though it is not always possible, but it will become our experience.
Nobody wants to fail in their life and we all hope for the best, but purely with hope we cannot survive, we also need a little bit of luck and work with hard effort to achieve that.
Everyone knows that going downhill in a nature mountain landscape is more easier than to climb uphill which will be much more tiring for us.
So we know what is awaiting us if we have a new idea and good starting point for improvements in our thoughts to improve it into a success.
Since the beginning, we all hopes that it works as well as the water flow downstream from the hill without any problems, but we will probably have to feel it sometimes that we have to swim against the tide, and from there we try to find a way for survive it.
That makes it more exciting for us, because we like to achieve the things which we have in our mind.
The human trait is simply that we only want to go upwards, and we find it difficult when it is not so and that will be different.
This natural characteristic is a perfect quality to possess and give aspirations for us to make the efforts into getting our goal.
The objective will be different for everyone with various starting point, but the target is the same for all and that is to work on a successful formula with a meliorative prospect.
Let us not follow the water in mountains that just goes downstream, we must try to raise the tendency that we can only move forward in life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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