We all have the Choices Not Subscribe to Negative People around us whose Presence only Dampen our Spirits

We all have the Choices Not Subscribe to Negative People around us whose Presence only Dampen our Spirits

There are certain people on this planet whose presence is totally useless to be accepted in our circle of friends, because they just want to use our goodness.
Themselves do not have enough abilities to benefit from it for creating this to be operational, so they try using the information by others to release themselves and make their way free into joyful moments or success.
They rehearsed with nice and impressive story which seems to be convincing enough to persuade us for believing in them.
We all know that life is one big lesson, and we are bring into test continuously to make ourlife improvements, so we probably encounter with this kind of cheaters.
Some people are stochastically meant to give us those lessons and they always try to take a chance to poison our life.
If we go along with it to admit that ourselves, we have been selling ourselves badly and will probably end up in an unhappy era dawning with a life full of difficulties and surprises.
Try to be think wisely and stay away from those who presence is giving us the bad impression, so avoid any contact with that individual, because it will only bring bad influence to us.
If we do not pull ourselves out of the dark clouds above us, the sun’s rays will never be able to come through to us, because there is always a chance of rain or storms.
Avoid any contact with people we think can only bring their malicious intentions for us.
When we have a weak heart, we need a strong spiritual sense to make that decision for us, so that we will not be the victims of our own intense feelings.
The presence of such individuals will not give prosperity to us but unhappy times with despair which cannot be reversed.
Our mind will only be affected by them who is still surrounding us, so stay away from making this adversely choice and not subscribe to these negative people, but avoid them to be involved in part of our life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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