When we are already Reaching our Maximum, Stop Pushing Ourselves Over the Limit to Avoid Ruining Current Situation

When we are already Reaching our Maximum, Stop Pushing Ourselves Over the Limit to Avoid Ruining Current Situation

We all try to get the best out of our life, and we do not have to lie about that, sometimes our best is still not good enough for those we love and ourselves.
Everyone has limits there is no doubt about it, just it’s for everybody different, also sometimes unjustly, but we must accept that in daily life or we will become crazy.
Paying too much attention to compare with other individuals is completely unnecessary, its already good enough if we ourselves know who and what we are doing, because this just give us the right balance.
If we already possess the required knowledge, we just need to follow it up with hard work and organize things well to turn it into a success.
Match with others often give us the confusions, because everyone does things in their own way and strives for a goal, from the basic elements we can develop ourselves to be exceptional.
A loner is not noticeable in a massive crowd of people, but a exceptional person who knows something what others do not know can tell or explain it in just one minute to thousands of others and brings this into the mind of them.
And thousands of individuals cannot tell simultaneously or learning in one minute to a loner , it is a logical facts.
Everybody want to reach the maximum in life, but forcing ourselves to want for more and more may give fatal consequences in spirituality or putting us on materialism ground.
Granted our erudition to the society as a franchise would be a better concepts, and safeguarding our knowledge will give the massive profit for everyone.
So we would not go over our current situation and ruin it, and on this matter we can also give others the chance to reach their limits with the deployment of our maximum intelligence.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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