Vrijheid is de Ultieme Sleutel naar Geluk

Vrijheid is de Ultieme Sleutel naar Geluk

Independent are and nowhere to be connected without having obligations into something, and when there is without obligation commitments from our hearts, then its a true form of freedom.
An open mind conversation with a person without need to think too much indicates that the relationship is trusted entirely built on an inner band.
Distrust or having no faith with each other is totally unnecessary in any relationship, so we need to think whether we’re using the appropriate vocabulary during our communication to avoid misunderstandings and problems with others.
With freedom, we can do anything without restriction just like “a fish can swim freely in the water”, nevertheless we still need to find a right balance in order not to “swim” towards the wrong direction.
Sometimes we got to obligate the rules in certain condition, because then we will have control on ourselves not to do the wrong thing in life.
There are many doors with multiple opportunities which opened for us, if we decided to walk through the feasible door, will give comforts to our mind, which at the same time might create more privileges for us.
We all can be an adventurer who is granted the permission with unrestricted possibilities to do something, all we have to do is take good care of the provided facilities, so we can use them in a harmony sense.
If all facilities are already there for us to lead a quiet life and this also goes unanimity for all our relationships, then we can call ourselves a happy person.
Thus we are in possession of the ultimate key to happiness that will open all doors of freedom.

Het allerbeste toegewenst en een goede gezondheid.
Auteur Jan Jansen


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