We May Not Earn Anything for Every Little sacrifice we’ve Made, but this Pave the Way for our Meaningful Life

We May Not Earn Anything for Every Little sacrifice we’ve Made, but this Pave the Way for our Meaningful Life

Time does not stand still, every second that passes is gone and will never comes back again.
If we spend the time thats already gone with sagacious and a smile of joy, its definitely give a good progression for the future then we have nothing to complain about.
But the time is limited for everyone, because we never know when will be our last day and it is not sensible to use it thoughtlessly, because that seems to be unwise into the eyes by most of us.
Sometimes we think we can spend the time more wisely, but we sacrifice it to do something more conducive for the improvement of society.
We can also sacrifice the time for ourselves to feel satisfied and happy, which is of course priceless and important in life.
Combining the time with something that we can have fun from our heart to merge it as part of our livelihood is a wish that everyone would like to see it come true.
Do meaningful things in our life give us the good feelings, whether they are useful or otiose in the eyes and minds of other people is superfluous for us.
We are fortunate if our timing is fully filled with activities, it does not matter whether we use the time to sacrifice for others or ourselves.
Most of the time we can earn nothing financially with the sacrifices we make, but that is not always important in a life, a good sense will pave the way for a meaningful life with pleasure and a smile.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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