The Acquisition of Knowledge is Not a Dead-end Process, but there is Not Always a Royal Road to Learning

The Acquisition of Knowledge is Not a Dead-end Process, but there is Not Always a Royal Road to Learning

We can not be intelligent enough in this age where technology and strategic keeps improving by the minute and the population on this earth are becoming smarter because its getting more easy to obtain resources through online.
Be wise enough and realize that the learning process in our life will never stop by the experiences we’ve gained through the things we see or meet on the street or via reading the news and social media.
The ones who are lazy to learn will get a hard lesson and have to face of what can happen to them in reality, that is not always fair and they must pay the price due to ignorance.
But for many among us when we were young, it’s was better for some of us to just listen to our parents or follow the the advice of others.
Then we will in our Youth try to learn something new everyday, so we can use it for our interests as well and improve the knowledge we already possessed.
We were all young and most of us are pigheaded without experience, but we would definitely do it differently now, do You agree?
Wisdom is so important, as the raising of awareness of we’re all getting older, we gained more capacity through our experiences.
Learning give us more options and opportunities to achieve something in a certain place, so we always can be there where need to meet the requirement as the expertise is important.
Therefore never let slip an opportunity pass us, if we can learn something new, we can use it for our progression in the future, although it is very difficult to follow.
There will not always be a royal road to learn something, but acquiring knowledge is not a dead-end process and its always served us good and useful in the future.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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