Variety Minimize Boredom and Add Spice into our Life

Variety Minimize Boredom and Add Spice into our Life.

There are days we no longer know what to do or where to go but not want stay at home, almost nobody prefer this type of lifestyle, because it begins to raise monotony.
Often we get used with the structured and scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly activities where we feel our own is doing well at it.
Such as work, hobbies, trips, vacations, or visit family and acquaintances, until a time comes that we have enough of it and longing for something new.
Or maybe this give us so much satisfaction that we are quite happy and have good feelings, even though it’s humdrum.
Because there is so much variety in what we do, and we are not demanding because that makes our life easier.
Sometimes be so choosy also indicates there is a problem to ourselves, because we might not meet our desire by the circumstances we are in, or need to depend on the answers or help by others.
The words “wanting more” are normal and very important in our life, we do not need to be greedy but everyone wants to have more, but with less problems, so try to find a way to reduce them.
Diversification can deliver more joyful moments for us in the long run, if we can keep our social contacts the same way like our eyes want to observe different things.
This can give us brand new experiences, and when we think it back later, we can enjoy the memory with a lasting impression of what has happened on that moment.
By adding variation, our boredom can be minimized with different diversities and this is a colorful addition to our well satisfied life.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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