With a Calm and Collected piece of Mind, we Can be Solving Every Problem under Tremendous Pressure

With a Calm and Collected piece of Mind, we Can be Solving Every Problem under Tremendous Pressure

Unfortunately, we all come into contact with emotional frustrations that we’ve gained by institutions or having the disappointments in others.
Even if we are doing something where there is a time limit, but we have entered into this agreement earlier, and in order to comply it, can give us a high tensions.
Or by others whom we depend on to get something done, but they fail to fulfill their obligations and hence we cannot succeed by our word.
All examples whereby we turned up, and to become overwrought can be due to the pressure that exercised on us and we are powerless to it.
We believed and had faith in others just as another having trust in us, but things might goes wrong due to some unforeseen circumstances.
At that time, we can lose our state of mind and get upset, because we also probably losing self reputation as our own word cannot be fulfilled.
But that will not help us and its only give negative rather than a positive effect, because then everyone gets in panics and can no longer having a clear thinking.
Be calm and subdued ourselves with a belief that we can solve is a better way of thinking, and we should be taking all the available measures before finding the final solution.
This teaches us the lesson that we should never bet on one horse, but always have a second option, so when there is a possibility for something to goes wrong, we can always have solution in our mind.
Giving out a distraught respond whenever we are in desperation mood will never give a good impression to anybody, but if we stay cool-headed and imperturbable, it will radiate surrounding people to have more confidence in us if they see the final solution later.
If we can remain calm and collected under tremendous pressure, then we should be able to find an appropriate solution for almost every problems.
This again proves that the combined knowledge and experiences from our good friends, relations and acquaintances are very important in our life for a faster solution.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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