Materialistic only give Short-term Satisfaction, but will Not Enhance the Beauty of our Soul Forever

Materialistic only give Short-term Satisfaction, but will Not Enhance the Beauty of our Soul Forever

It is so important in our life to have money and possessions to pay and increase our chances of living in this twenty-first century.
But the moment we got the property and money, it might be affecting us, especially when materialistic become seduction, we can be losing our self-control.
Thus there is a possibility that people did everything just to get money, and to show others how rich they are or how good is their life.
And that’s not easy for anyone to make money fast in order to buy their dream property, and if we deserve to earn on possessions, we also need to spend for our monthly expenses by paying the taxes or maintenance.
So we need to earn more to keep this lifestyle and when people are into financial trouble, their thinking might be changed and this give disadvantages to their character and to fellow beings around them.
For some humans the reputation or personality is no more important, because how we getting the income is what really matters now, so the way of thinking will be change and this also signify true character of them.
The power of money or property has seduced many people which bring them into nowhere else while they spending most of their lifetime just to obtain it.
Thus they are losing out their own personality without being themselves anymore, because that reduced their chances of life, so they are forced to live with cunning without rules and valued for others, and many people around them might become their victim, this is hard to accept but it’s the truth.
That’s not the life we had in our mind, because friendships must be respected by everyone and it is important for our future.
With a life only seeking for money and possessions, we will never reach the peace and tranquility as with a fellow friendship, and our life shall just be with full of nerves and misery.
Think of the eternal and pure beauty of our soul so we can only improve by being honest and sincere, a materialistic thinking and way of life will never give us an optimal satisfaction.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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