It is Not Possible to Open the Joyous Door for Tomorrow until We Manage to Unblock it by Forgetting our Bad Past

It is Not Possible to Open the Joyous Door for Tomorrow until We Manage to Unblock it by Forgetting our Bad Past

In our mind we always think consciously or unconsciously to the future prospects what we have and where are the opportunities to achieve that.
We may be busy with anything and do not have much time, but that is something which continues to play an important role in our life.
What is more difficult that we can forget the past and therefore the older we become more uncertain due to the many tracks that have been made in our memory.
There are of course several excellent things happened in the past and we hope for a repeat and that gives us all the courage we need.
But there are unfortunately also events which still give us a miserable and pathetic awareness in our thought.
There is some recurring images which we would have preferred to not keep it appear in our mind, because that were no fun moments, yet all of these times constantly emerge and persistently repeated in our thought.
Bad past may constantly ruins our life, and that will not bring forward any joy for us but added a bitter taste in the mouth by experience it.
Do not let our thought linger in the past, because the future is important to us and can provide new results, and we should not let the earlier events block our way.
Past which have a big blockade is already happened and will not repeating, so we must renounce it in our mind and move on to continue with a convincing mind.
Do not unblock our door to future with bad past times, think positively with it as a lesson, so we manage to forget it, then only its  possible for us to open the door for a joyous new day.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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