Keep on Making Excuses will only Halt our Progression in Life, We Should Refrain ourselves from Doing it

Keep on Making Excuses will only Halt our Progression in Life, We Should Refrain ourselves from Doing it

We all make mistakes in our life and it is normal that we are there to offer our apologies if someone are accidentally being duped by us.
But some make so many mistakes with intention and keeps on apologize, that will not give them any credible at a given moment, thereby it will disrupt the trust in a relationship.
Which makes it more like deliberately than a collaborationist innocence and that rise the suspicion from others, and it is rightly so.
And if the incredibility occurs among others, then it will be an end of a shared future, and any further commitment to undertake things together will become pointless and unnecessary.
Nobody wants to live their life in doubt, everyone wants to be fully satisfied with mutual confidence, also with the assumption that everything is based on truth.
With these strengths, there is a conviction of faith, and there is no need for a  subsequent apology due to suspicion of deceit.
If we just be ourselves and remain honest with everyone, we never have to think about what has been done or said  by us, because there will be only one story, and it is the truth.
Apologies, we will only have to make when not think wisely, or made a real blunders with unconscious due to inaccuracies from us.
After which others will believe in us by our authenticity and not because of credible issues we spread to achieve therewith self advantages.
Always try to refrain ourselves from excuses, because they are not conducive to a progression in our life, but just seem to give the opposite effect of incertitude by others.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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