To Compromise is Not Surrender, but Ready to let go our Ego Whenever its Necessary

To Compromise is Not Surrender, but Ready to let go our Ego Whenever its Necessary

We are fortunate that many people in the world do not want to lose face and this is still an important factor for them, but if we are brought into contact and be in a position that is no turning back, this will be this a great task for us to process and it’s always not easy to make the wisest decision.
It will be a decision of losing all, because of our emotional honor and stubborn pride, or let us decide in our mind whether to accept it or on a unprecedented proposal.
It’s like jumping into the river to swim to the other side, but by fatigue or an unforeseen event we can not reach there, and then we need to use a lifeboat with an associated costs to transfer us to the other shore.
In this way even that we are already well on the other side, the plan has changed dramatically and the agreements and outcomes totally different as what has been suggested before and sometimes it is unacceptable in mind for ourselves or others.
But that is the reality of life, as we ourselves have made the mistakes, make a compromise by us is easy we not looking for trouble, because that was not our intention from the beginning.
And then it is better to accept the loss than losing our reputation by this incident, because we are confidence can make it good again in the future without much problems.
If this happened due to others are wrong, it is wise to consider everything thoroughly first, and if the cause is not clear, we should search for the reason and background of it first.
Then there is always a possible reconciliation proposal and from there we can advise ourselves what is the wisest decision to stay in the future together.
Intelligence and emotions and are two different elements in our body, and this is the same comparison as for friendship and business.
Emotion can give us grief and pain, while intelligence give us the prosperity, friendship gives us the warmth and love.
Certain things can cause emotional problems, if we only make friends with each other for money, this is not going to give an infinite future together.
Ego and money is equally important in our life, but if we can surrender our pride through compromise, the peace and quiet can be achieved.
And we renounce the material things, then we surrender to the reality of life, that is a priceless gift for us.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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