A Goal will only be Achieved If We Never Stop Striving to Make it Happen

A Goal will only be Achieved If We Never Stop Striving to Make it Happen

We all have wishes, dreams and goals that is constantly be keeping our mind, but unfortunately theory is always easier than carry it out in practical.
If we are going to build a house, it is difficult to decide where to lay the first stone, and the great preparation is required with a good plan to execute it.
So it is our wish, dream and goal to let our brains do the preparations first and make an organized plan.
Then we start to write down everything in a paper, with a scenario where everything is described clearly step by step how to get it going and what is required to perform in detail.
Without creating these preparations, we might be reluctant to begin, because we have doubt and do not know where to start.
The beginning period is always be the hardest time for us, but once we have begun it, everything can start to emerge, we will have new developments and ideas in our mind, thus the improvements can be make exclusively.
If we are ready for a start, and already begin with an action, then it is only a matter of time for us to accomplish things for fulfilling our dream, desire and purpose.
There will be plenty of obstacles and people who are trying to discourage us by using our kindness heart, ideas or knowledge, possible due to jealousy.
But because we already started it, we cannot stop and should just continue to persevere the things in our thought and turn our goals into reality.
Our wishes, dreams and goals can only become true if we use our cerebration to pursue the path of life for us and do not stop until we reach the final destination of our goal.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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