Happiness is When Grace can be Contagious around Everyone in this World

Happiness is When Grace can be Contagious around Everyone in this World

Everyone has mercifulness in their heart, but by inner emotions sometimes the anger can turn our benevolence into malicious behavior.
Therefore due to our anger, we want to make it difficult for them, because we think we are the victim and this affected our feelings and pride, but a behavior like this will finally turns against ourselves.
Our confidence in them has been broken and we are being affected by an inexplicable and incomprehensible act from those who give us the emotional shock.
We never anticipated to prepare for this in advance, because it was something that happened out of sudden without any hints and this certainly made us upset and surprised.
After which we were sentimental wrested and angry, we keeps on wondering why this behavior was done against us.
A fit of rage and hatred feeling could ensue if we cannot control ourselves and then the problems will be getting completely out of control.
Thus we would only become more duped and this create a bad feeling for ourselves for the rest of the day, and this is very unwise things to do for ourselves.
Keep calm and collected in such cases is the best and give them forgiveness for their unwise actions which is not forward-looking.
If everyone in the world not react to this misguided deliberations by others, then it will be a grace which may contagious around more people, and everyone would have found happiness on this earth.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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