True Face of Our Real Friends will only be Visible when We are in the time of Trouble

True Face of Our Real Friends will only be Visible when We are in the time of Trouble

We all need relationships to come forward and make our life easier by the help we can offer to each other.
Friends is a part of our life and friendship grows from our hearts, it is more important in our existence on earth than most people realize.
We cannot choose on our family members, but for relations or friends, we have the choice to welcome, reject or terminate contact with them.
By mutual respect can give appreciation to each other, so a friendship can sometimes grow from the heart and they are in mind more important than relatives.
The inner beauty of such a person is so openly and honestly that we love them as our family members, and we will always be ready for them in case of emergency.
Most of these people will think about us too when we are in trouble and then do everything they can to help us solve it.
Unfortunately, there are many people who interact with each other just because the business interests play a major role for them, or they only want to obtain other benefits , and that’s the reason for them to have a friendly relationship.
If these benefits doesn’t exist anymore, then their contact will be quickly broken, because there is not much further communication and even the feeling by being friendly commitment will not completely affect them to change.
The intensively termination of friendship will not be a problem for them, because they have only one single purpose, and when the relationship no longer can yield any profits for them, it will also won’t make any sense to continue further, because for them everything is purely based on to get better from it.
Everyone is different with prudent for handling their friends, but bear in mind that “money cannot buy happiness”, and if we think that cash is more important than being ourselves in a friendship, then we must act as a Friend.
But the real friends will only emerge when we are being in trouble by problems, they help us from their hearts without involving any profit interests, and take us out of the emergency situation, their true face is show

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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