It is Not Necessary to Ask Repaid for Every Good Deeds We Do

It is Not Necessary to Ask Repaid for Every Good Deeds We Do

Our attitude toward life will let us decide for which mentality that fits us, also with what we think to do what is good for ourselves and others.
We will each encountered with bad experiences in life, and that should not give any huge affect on our own character, and we should see it as a warning to us, and received it as a lesson to learn for ourselves.
Revenge is not necessary, because that will be hurting our inner peace, then we only possess with upset, and from there our character can give a bad impression to ourselves and for others.
It is best to teach ourselves to do everything from the heart and with love, then the satisfaction will arise from there, so we always will have the incentive for more.
Gratification and satisfaction to ourselves and others will give joy to each other, whereby astonishment will give us a cheerful feeling and also suffice gratitude provision by the respecting people.
Everything we do with a thoughtful mind from our heart can never have any evil intention, but it is comprise with full of love.
What we then never have any premeditation reason to do it, because we don’t need to get the profit from it, but we should carried out with an added motivation directly from our heart.
Our mind will be calm and have no intention to do something for getting the benefits with desirable profit and greed.
For every good deed that we accomplish by a loving motivation from the heart, we should be satisfied for it and never desire or expect for any repaid back to us.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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