Letting go Give us the Temporary Pain, but We might be Suffering a Long-term Distress if Holding on to Something which is Not Belong to Us

Letting go Give us the Temporary Pain, but We might be Suffering a Long-term Distress if Holding on to Something which is Not Belong to Us

When we do something on regularly basis or always be at somewhere with someone in the same place, we will be getting used to it quickly and consider it the most natural thing in the world, because those are the things which not changing.
Everything happened we doing it from our heart feeling, so we can feel at ease and comfortable, until something happened which did not give anybody an earlier signal.
We are attached to what we have now or in the place where we are now, but then when we getting upset, then we are forced to make a change.
We not always can get the right answer or huge possibility for choices, but when we’re stuck in the situation at the moment, it is necessary to force us and do it.
Distraught and full of nerves are all over in our thought, we keep thinking in our mind on what should we do for getting a more balanced and the best decision.
From our heart we want to see no change in the doings because we are satisfied with our way of life now and have fun.
The daily experiences with people around make us happy, so we think very positive mentally and want no changes from there.
But unfortunately we are not the only one there or even have no influence to decide about it, that only makes things to be more complicated and disappointing for us.
It all seemed to be so good and everyone seems to be happy and contented, we even can see the progression which resulting with the shared interests together.
But everything is now too late to even think about it, either we should made an immediate decision or wait for the response, but perhaps that is no longer possible.
A sensible response is very welcome in that moment, we must not given this directly from the heart but using our full intellect, which can cause a lot of emotional pain.
If we do not want to stick to a long-term pain, we need to let go of something which we have no control over it, and if we make a wise decision to stop, the

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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