Family is the Most Safest Haven for Us

Family is the Most Safest Haven for Us

We cannot choose on our biological relatives, only the in-laws can be chosen by love.
Which we see them as the member of our family, because we love them and there is a close relationship between us.
Everyone has problems and need a listening ear or getting an independent opinion from others, and then the best and most familiar person for us to share it with is our family member.
A family member, we can always build and count on them with confidence,  that not be publicly distributed but remains in the family.
The unbreakable relationship with family is usually so strong that for every problem we want quickly look for a solution in order  to resume everything in harmony.
The feelings for each other is strengthened by the inner love we have because we grew up with each other, and that love is without boundaries.
North, east, south, west, home is the best, it is actually a place which gives us all a trusting feeling, our heart should always be together with family members for the ultimate relationship.
The safest haven in our life is the confidence we get in our family.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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