A Strong Unity give us the Power to Move Mountain Together.

A Strong Unity give us the Power to Move Mountain Together

Many hands can make the works lighter and everything will be faster, so if there is too much work then the only solution is to increase volume of manpower, rather than facing it alone.
When we can combine all the personal thought into actions, then we should be able to perform our task in an organized way.
Cooperation is needed but it is often very far from us, because most people in our society are now prefer to work individually.
We hardly seen anyone wants to share their financial earning or victories, because most of the people only want to reap all the glory for themselves and that is the usual arrangement of the earthlings at this time.
The selfish behavior shown is due to their thinking of they are too important already, this also indicates how difficult the world now and it will lead them to nowhere.
The younger generation has no more respect for the elderly, but they forget that those are precisely who they learn their past experience of life from, in many years of their life.
Everyone wants to be in their own way, because there is almost no confidence between them through the experiences encountered from each other.
While if we work together, we will have a greater range of quantity sales to handle for more volume, thus we can easily move mountain, “strong together and united unbeatable.”
Grouping together is more fun and it gives more options, various thoughts from different manpower.will also increases the chances.
We are not only live for today, but why do some people only have shortsighted thinking and do not have a longer term on their vision.
Together as a unit, we will have the consensus strength and ability which is needed to move mountains within a shorter period.
Unity is working together towards achieving prosperity for a better future in harmony, so be wise.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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